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Chairman & CEO,

Ameeri Group of Companies

We have been in the business for more than 70 years; it is in the year 1952 when my late father Mohammed Ali Ameeri opened Ameeri Stores as his first electrical shop. The outcome of the retail electricity trading and contracting business has been successful that Ameeri Stores became popular as one of the leading names within the local market and other Gulf countries for trading various electrical accessories and equipment.

The tremendous result of the Electrical Trading and Contracting business prompted Ameeri to enhance and enlarge the market segment by establishing Ameeri Industries. The establishment of Ameeri Industries – Ametech in the year 1992 as a manufacturer of Electrical Panel Boards, Distribution Boards, and Light fittings enabled the company to cater to the mechanical needs of the local community. Due to its brand stability in the market, Ameeri Industries – Ametech became the official channel partner of ABB and Himel in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Ametech brand products showcase unbeatable quality, enabling them to achieve prestigious recognition and acknowledgment from different contractors and government entities in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Our company also works on meeting the increasing demands and safety needs of our clients by expanding the scope of our business to road safety equipment. In the year 2003, Ameeri Industries aimed to further expand its production by establishing AMGARD which focuses on manufacturing Road Guard Rails, and eventually made an IN-HOUSE HOT dip Galvanizing Plant in the year 2008, the largest within the Kingdom of Bahrain. It has enhanced the business focus on manufacturing Street Light Poles and become the sole and leading manufacturer to produce Road Guard Rails and Street Light Poles in the country.

While we actively pursue new areas of business, we stand committed to our mission of providing the best quality products, service, and satisfaction to the end users. Our operation ensures to align with the core values of care and trust to keep our reputation up to the mark. Our products have passed and are certified by different international notify bodies making us confident that we only offer the best quality products to our consumers.

We look forward to expediting our growth strategy without compromising the strength of our brand in helping our client’s through their electrical and mechanical needs. We will constantly strive in creating state-of-the-art quality products and bring a positive outlook to the industry and community where we live in. We are enthusiastic about this vision and truly believe the best of Ameeri Industries and all its divisions are yet to come.