Ameeri Industries hosted a Factory Visit to Philippine School (Bahrain)

Ameeri Industries-AMETECH hosted a Career Exposure Trip and factory visit for the Philippine School (Bahrain) Grade 11 students to their manufacturing facility on 12th February 2024.

The students had the chance to observe the many phases of the production process of Electrical Switchgears and Cable Management Systems during their guided tour of the manufacturing plant. They also had a chance to see the cutting-edge equipment and technologies that were employed in the production process.

The company’s Engineers guided the students and gave them insightful explanations and insights into the different aspects of industrial manufacturing. Additionally, it helped the students learn the significance of safety precautions and quality assurance in the manufacturing process.

During the visit, the students engaged in interactive sessions with industry experts at the factory, asking questions and having discussions. This improved their knowledge in the field and gave them a deeper understanding of the technical aspects of the production process.

The students gained valuable and enriching experience during the industry visit. It helped significantly in enhancing students’ understanding of career possibilities and gave them a hands-on introduction to the industrial manufacturing sector.

Ameeri Industries – AMETECH is honored to have been the host of the Career Exposure Trip and anticipates working with academic institutions once more in the future. In order to develop the next generation of competent professionals in the manufacturing sector, we think it is essential to encourage industrial exposure and knowledge sharing.